The Tokuzsarai Site

The Tokuzsarai Site  Located in front of the Tumshuk Hill over 48 kilometers to the northeast of the county seat of Bachu County, the site consists of remains of houses, town, and temple and beacon towers, covering an area of a few square kilometers. The city is divided into three parts: inner city, outer city and outmost city, built with clay and stone according to the situation of the hill. There are two temples standing behind the city. Inside the city and temples there have found a large quantity of frescoes, sculptures, woodcarvings, documents in Brahmi, Sogdian, Kuchean, Kharosthi, and Chinese, textiles, coins and its models, pottery, bronze wares, and other ornaments. According to researches, it may be the Weitou City in the Southern & Nothern Dynasties and the Jushide City of the Tang Dynasty. Now it is a major cultural site protected by Autonomous Region.