Stone Fortress

  The Stone Fortress Located on a tableland northeast of the county seat of Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County, the covers an area of 100 thousands square meters and consists of ruins of city and temple of the Tang times and government office of the Qing Dynasty. A temple occupied the eastern part of the city. In the western and southeastern parts are found ruined houses. On the ruins of the temple the Pulitin Office of the Qing Dynasty was built. The city is oval in shape. The city walls were built with sun-dried bricks on stone foundation. It is 1285 meters in circumference outside. Only parts of city walls, gate of inner city, turrets, and parapet walls have remained intact. There have been excavated coins with legends of Qianyuantongbao and Sanskirt documents. The city dates from an early time and had once been the capital of the Kingdom of Jiepantuo. Inside the city were scattered potsherds, millstones, and so on. Now is classified as a major cultural site protected by the Autonomous Region. It will take you 1 hour to finish the visiting. You can imagin the prosperity of the ancient ruin with the sightseeing of the broken bricks and walls.


Best time to Stone Fortress

The best time to go to Stone Fortress is from March to Mid Oct. End March is the season of apricot flowering.The climate in Kashi is more comfortable in April and May. From June to Sept. it is the great fruit season. Every evening, the stone city against the setting sun is particularly charming.

Traffic Guide

Take the bus from Kashgar to Tashkurgan at the Kashi Bus Station. The bus runs from 09:00 to 13:00, every 60 minutes and 5 buses a day. It takes you 15 minutes walking from bus station to the Fortress.

Travel Tips

1. The Tajiks living here are very friendly. You can stay in the residents' homes. They will treat the guests well, provide guests with food and drink, and you can pay appropriately when you leave. Generally speaking, 50-80 yuan is more appropriate.

2. To go to Tashkurgan, you need to apply for a border pass at the Kashgar border detachment (closed on Saturday and Sunday). We can help you to apply the travel permit in advance if you book the tour with us.

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  • The Ruined Stone City
  • The Ruined Stone City
  • The Ruined Stone City
  • The Ruined Stone City