Baydur Site

The Baydur Site is located 3 meters to the southeast of the county seat of Shache County. There are pavilions and decorated archways in the site, which were repaired in Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty. On the memorial archway are written eight Chinese words: “共尊汉室,同拒匈奴”, which means “commonly respect the Han Dynasty, and resist Hun tribes”. As to its identification, there are two standpoints. The first, it was built by a king of Shache Kingdom in the Western Han times. The second, it was the place where the kingdoms of Qiuzi, Wensu, Gumo, Pishan, and Yutian formed the alliance after the Protect-marquis Feng Fengshi of the Western Han Dynasty put down the rebellion launched by both a younger brother of the king of Shache and the Tongpu Duwei General of Hun.