The West Goddess Temple

The Wesl Goddess Temple Also called the Goddess Temple, the hemple is said to be built by the West Goddess. Around the Heavenly Lake there are originally numerous temples, the most famous are eight: the Tiewa Temple, Dongyue Temple, Dragon King's Temple, Non-polar Taoisl Temple, Spiritual Man Pan's Temple, Kwanyin's Pavilion, and the Damo Nunnery, all broad in scale, demonstrating strong Taoist cultural color. 

These temples were destroyed in 1930s. In 1992, Cihuitang, a Taoist organization in Taiwan, provided fund to rebuih a small West Goddess Temple here and re moulded the golden body of the West Goddess. Inside the temple there is an iron hell. Many visitors and pilgrims come here to pay a formal visit every year.