The Multicolor Gorge and the Multicolor City

The Multicolor Gorge is located in the place which is called "Grand Gobi" in the depth of the desert 130 kilometers from the county seat of the Jimsar. It has the name because where it occupies is a lakebed formed in geologic period and deposited various lake sedimenlary reeks that are multieolored and gorgeous. 

The Multicolored City, 30 kilometers to the north of the Huoshaoshan Oil Base, is its center, where within a range of 3 kilometers numerous marvelous geologic phenomenon: siliconized woods, dinosaur fossils, Ghost Town, and other animal and plant fossils, are concentrated. It is a natural city, consisting of bright and colorful shale in various colors, including dark red, ochre, eyan, deep gray, grayish white, red, yellow, and green, etc., and so looks like very mystic.