Laoyinggou Forest Fossils

Laoyinggou Forest Fossils Located in the Laoyinggou Gully, 110 kilometers to the northwest of the county seat of Qitai, the Laoyinggou Forest Fossils covers an area of nearly 1500 square kilometers. Here the siliconized woods reveal from a red sandstone stratum of Jurassic. From the same stratum there still have found dinosaur fossils. 

The stratum has over 10 meters in depth, 5 kilometers in length and about 1 kilometer in width. The number of the exposed fossils of trees reaches 1000. All these date from 140 million years ago, belonging to the late Jurassic Period. These fossils of forest not only has great worth of appreciation, but also provide important specimens for studies on geography, climate, and distribution and evolution of animals and plants in Jungar Basin in remote antiquity.