The Vash-shahri Site

The Vash-shahri Site Located by the side of old Vash-shahri River, 12 kilometers to the southwest of the seat of Vash-shahri Township, Ruoqiang County, the site covers an area of 4 square kilometers. There are ruins of dwellings, kilns, temples, farmlands, and tombs in the site area. Large quantities of cultural relics are found scattering on the ground, among them there are pieces of pottery, ironwares, stonewares, bronzewares, pocelains, coins and glassware. The site was in use from the Han-Jin to Song-Yuan dynasties. According to textual research, the site is possibly related to the “ New Town”, or the “Town of Nuzhi” of the Tang Dynasty. Some city walls built with mud possibly existed here in ancient times, but now there is nothing remained. It now is a major cultural site protected by the Autonomous Region.