The Altun Mountain Nature Reserve

The Altun Mountain Nature Reserve Located between the southern slope of the Altun Mountains and the juncture of Xinjiang and Xizang, with the Kumbayan Mountain and the Qiman-tagh on the north, the Zangbei Plateau on the south, Qinghai province on the east, and southeastern corner of Qiemo County on the west, the reserve covers an area of about 50 thousands square kilometers, with an average elevation of 4,000m, the biggest and highest in our country. The reserve is sparsely populated, but over 60 species of wild animals and 240 species of plants have been found dewelling there. Among them 7 species of animals are listed as Class 1 protected animal and 11 listed as Class 2. In the reserve the primeval environment is completely preserved, and so it is valuable in scientific research and exploration.