Saydong Orchard

Saydong Orchard Located in the suburb of Korla, the Orchard is an important producing area of the fragrant pear. Korla fragrant pears are noted for their good color and luster, thin skin, crisp pulp, succulency, and little residue, not only fragrant, sweet, tasty and refreshing, but also rich in nutrition. This kind of pears can be eaten raw and also can be used to make wine, pear cream, preserved pears, and canned foods, with efficacies of moistening lung, removing the phlegm, and of detoxification. In August and September, when the fragrant pears are ripe, clusters of the ripe pears hang from the branches. When a gentle breeze blows across, the orchard is full of fragrance of pears. You not only can enjoy the orchard scenery here, but also can taste the favorite.