The Bayanbulak Swan Reserve

Bayanbulak is a beautiful wetland, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. It accommodates three - fifths of the world's total swan population, living up to the name of "Home of Swans.

In the Mongolian language, Bayanbulak means "fountain of affluence." It is located in central Xinjiang and lies in the heartland of the Tianshan Mountains. The Bayanbulak Swan Reserve Situated in the Uldus Basin of Tianshan Mountains in the northwest of Hejing county the Bavinbuluk “Grassland,covering an area of about 23,000 square kilometers and 2,500 above sea level,is the second largest grassland in China.Bayinbuluk means the“the abundant spring”in Mongolian language.When the summer comes,various flowers here are in blossom and contending in beauty. The grassland stretches vastly and smoothly, and is rich in water and grass.High quality fescue grasses grow all over this vast grassland which accommodates and feeds flocks and herds.The snow-capped mountains,verdant pine and cypress trees,wild flowers and grass mirrored in the blue waters of the lakes constitute a beautiful picture. There are 20 rivers here of which the famous Kaidu River found its source. More than 500 valleys run across each other and the longest one reaches to 60 kilometers

Bayinbuluk Swan Lake Natural Reserve lies in Bayinbuluk grassland,taking up 1,000 square kilometers. In 1986 it was listed by the State as the national nature reserve.It is a paradise of flocks of swan. The swans are like white sails wandering on the lake,carefree and contenting themselves.Therefore it is offered the name“Swan Lake”.This natural reserve is abundant in birds,particularly water birds of various kinds in large quantity. In spring flocks of great swans,little swan and swans with prominent nose nest here to produce their offspring According to investigation, the total number of great swans here are over 6,000-7,000. Mongolian herdsmen treat the swans as angels or happy birds. They take good care of them.The Swan Lake is not only a cool resort in summer but also a fascinating tourist attraction.

The “swan lake” of Bayanbulak is located on the grassland, in southwest Bayan Town. It is actually a large swamp comprising numerous,interconnected small lakes. As China's first nature reserve for swans,the“swan lake" is truly a paradise for the birds. It is home to tens of thousands of swans of various species, including whooper swan,whistling swan and mute swan. They build their nests in the food-abundant swamp and lead an easy, happy life in the lakes. At times of leisure, they either plume their white feathers with their bills or sing loudly and excitedly.The most charming scene on the lake is a group of swans dancing a “water ballet" together. The local residents regard the swans as "birds of purity and chastity" and “a symbol of good luck." Therefore,they have never tried to capture any swans, guaranteeing a safe and peaceful living environment for the birds.

In addition to swans, Bayanbulak also accommodates nearly 130 other birds, such as the black stork, golden eagle, imperial eagle and snow cock. For those long- distance-travelling, exhausted migrating birds, Bayanbulak is a warm, peaceful and safe haven forever.