Urho Ghost City

As one of the well-known travel destinations in Xinjiang, after enjoying the spectacular landscape of Five-coloured Beach. Today we will take you to visit the mysterious Urho Ghost City.

What to visit in Urho Ghost City?

Urho Ghost City is located in the Urgan Land, more than 100 kilometres northeast of the urban area, about 30 kilometres north of the Mount Hararat, which is a rare wind erosion landform in China. 

Travel along the Gurbantunggut Desert to the Urho Ghost City, also known as "Wuerhe Wind City". this is the most beautiful Yardang Landform in the region, and it was once a freshwater lake, more than hundreds of millions of years ago. The vicissitudes of the earth's crust caused it to form a Gobi terrace. Year after year, with the wind erosion and rain denudation, made the ground form ravines, the different lengths and shallows of stone layers sculpted them into various strange shapes: some resemble the Liuhe Pagoda in Hangzhou, some resemble the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, and some resemble Pyramids of Egypt. This is the strange scene called "Yadan landform" and "Windy City".

When is the best time to visit Urho Ghost City?

Every Spring to Autumn is the best time to travel to Urho Ghost City. Among them, the scenic area belongs to the typical continental climate, and its prominent climatic characteristics are drought, less rain and more wind in spring and autumn, and the temperature is different between winter and summer. The annual average temperature is 8.1 degree Celsius, the frost-free period is 225 days, and the annual average precipitation is 108.9 mm.


Travel strategies of Urho Ghost City:

The scenic spots cover a large area, when you arrive at the entrance, you will take the interval bus, which is shaped like a small train and usually runs every 15 minutes. Tourists can take a small train to sightsee, stopping at several viewing platforms on the way, and can get off to take photos.


Travel tips:

1. The temperature is different between day and night, so travelers are suggested to bring some warm clothes.

2. Xinjiang has a dry climate and strong ultraviolet radiation, travelers should bring some sunscreen products and moisturizer.

3. Most of the residents are believe in Islam, tourists should respect their beliefs.


The admission fees: 42 RMB/Person


The interval bus fare: 20 RMB/Person

Opening time: 

Winter: 10.30 AM to 6.30 PM

Summer: 8.00 AM to 8.30 PM