Five Colored Beach

Five colored Beach( Wucai Beach ) is located on the North Bank of Irtysh River, 24 kilometres northwest of Burqin County, Xinjiang. It is a well-known benchland with Yardang landform. The hilly geology of Wucai Beach is quite peculiar, which shows a variety of colours.


What to visit in Five-colored Beach?

Every evening when the sun shines, the scenery of the Five-coloured Beach is quite spectacular. Meanwhile, on the other side of the scenic area is a dense Populus euphratica forest, that reflects the beautiful scenery in the river. The autumnal scenery will be an excellent place for photography.


Other information about Wucai Beach:

The area of the scenic spot is not large, and there are many trestles and observation platforms built in the scenic spot, and the playtime is about 2 hours. Walk into the colorful Beach, you will feel as if in a dream world. The unique lava landscape consisted of purplish red, vandyke red, yellow and light green mudstone, sandstone and gravel. this is the most beautiful colorful Beach, the masterpiece of nature, and the miracle of Burqin.


When is the best time to visit Five colored Beach?

Every autumn is the best time to travel to Five colored Beach. Because at that time the river is covered with golden leaves, which is extremely beautiful. The best viewing time of the day is before sunset in the evening, when the sun shines, the Wucai Beach is quite gorgeous and fantastic.


Travel tips:

1. When you visit the scenic area, you should walk along the trestle road according to the route, don't trample or climb.

2. The temperature is different between day and night, so travelers are suggested to bring some warm clothes.

3. Xinjiang has a dry climate and strong ultraviolet radiation, travelers should bring some sunscreen products and moisture cream.

4. Most of the local residents are believe in Islam, tourists should respect their beliefs.


The admission fees: 50 RMB/Person

Opening time: 16th April to 14th October ( 9.00 AM to 9.30 PM )