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Kashgar Travel Guide

As one of the mysterious destinations in Xinjiang, stepping into Kashgar is like being transported into one of the thousand and one night of The Arabian Tales. Kashgar, which is a western gateway in China that borders Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Kashgar has been an important trading centre on the ancient Silk Road and is now a multi-ethnic region

This far-flung city in Xinjiang is a must-see for its beautiful scenery and intoxicating culture.  Miraculously, modern China peels away to reveal the arresting sights, sounds, fragrance and atmosphere of a 2,000-year-old Middle Eastern town. Open-air markets hum with squawking livestock and the buzz of locals. Every so often, old mosques peep out from a labyrinth of well-worn, humble homes and rouse the neighbourhood with calls to prayer.

Perched on the western rim of the world's largest inland basin, and nestle beside the desolated Taklamakan Desert, which means:" those going in never return". Kashgar is known as Shule in ancient times, it is located in the southwest part of Xinjiang, borders the Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikstan to its southwest and west respectively, and covers an area of 162 thousand square kilometres, with a population of over 300 ten thousand. It has one city(Kashi) and eleven counties (Shule, Shufu, Yangisar, Yuepuhu, Jiashi, Shache, Zepu, Yecheng, Markit, Bachu, and Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County) under its jurisdiction. Kashi is the abbreviation for Kashar. During the Eastern Han Dynasty, Kashi was the supreme headquarters of Ban Chao for administering the Western Regions. In the Tang Dynasty, here was one of the four garrisons of Anxi. Now it is the capital of the prefecture. Kashi Prefecture has a continental climate of the temperate zone. The prefecture is abundant in products and resources. Its highway network has taken shape, and the railway has reached Kashi. The Khunjerab Port, a Class-1 port of the state, is located in the prefecture.

The most famous scenic spots and historical sites in Kashi Prefecture are Islamic architectures, Central Asian Market, etc. Well-known quality local products are fig, pomegranate, Jiashi melon, almond, and so on.

In addition, during your stay in Kashgar, don't miss the typical food: Shashlicks, roast steamed buns, roast lamb, and "nang", a kind of crispy pancake.