Travel To Hemu Village

For the vast majority of people, the natural scenery of Northern Xinjiang,such as Kanas have deeply rooted among the people.


As the most attractive, and primitive village in Kanas. Hemu Village is known as "the first village in China". It is a exquisite and unique wooden house village with small bridge and flowing water, snow peaks, forests, grasslands, blue sky and white clouds, which is quite magnificent.


Hemu is the paradise of photographer, the scenic Area is located in Burqin County, Altay District, about 30 kilometres east of Kanas Lake. It is a small village inhabited by Kazakhs and Tuwa people. Generally, tourists will visit Hemu Village and Kanas Lake Scenic Area together when they visit North Xinjiang.


All the houses in Hemu Village are simple wooden huts,and it scattered in the valley between the mountains, the local ethnic minority compatriots are working in the courtyard, which is unsophisticated and peaceful, the village is surrounded by grasslands, birch forests and other beautiful scenery. 

The best season for visiting Hemu Village is from June to October, at this time, the birch trees on both sides of the village have golden leaves, and the top of the mountain begins to snow into a small snow mountain, like a fairy tale.



Suggested Itinerary

9 Days Xinjiang Impressive Tour

Destinations: Urumqi → Turpan → Kanas → Karamay

Feature: The extraordinary Kanas is a fairyland. Snow-capped mountain,forest,grasslands and lake there make an intoxicating painting. Old cottages of the Tuwa people harmoniously co-exist with Nature.Fireland-Turpan where you will know the Silk Road History and local Uighur folklore.The Tianchi,or"Heavenly Lake" is like a lake in heaven indeed.