Bayinbuluk Prairie in Xinjiang

Xinjiang owns some of the world’s biggest remaining prairies.

They are not only vast but also changeable, spectacular and elegant. The whole view can be extensive or delicate, flat and endless to the sky or gives you a visual effect of ups and downs. Aroud the prairie, there is also snow, mountains, forests, lakes, spring and rivers.

Prairies in Xinjiang are not short of water and grass. In early summer, the wild flowers pop up on the prairies and become a colorful cover.


Bayinbuluk Grassland and the Swan Lake are bright pearls in the Tianshan mountain region. Gongnais Grassland in the beautiful Yili River valley is the realistic scene of a famous old Chinese poem saying “wind blows, grass nods, cattle and sheep stands”. Kulustai Grassland located in the humid Tacheng Basin is the second biggest grassland in China. Altay Grassland stretches among woods and rivers and is the only “Swiss landscape” in Asia.

Such wonderful prairies have always been desired by nomadic peoples. For many ancient nomads, the Altay Grassland was their home.


What’s more, the grassland is not only beautiful scenery , but also a natural base for developing animal husbandry.

Animal husbandry is one of Xinjiang’s economic structs as well as one of the government’s important development strategies.

Along with carrying out this strategy, herdsmen can settle down and say goodbye to the time of being nomadic. Categories of cattle and sheep have been improved and animals can live in warm stables. A big amount of manned pastures have been developed and fodder grass quality has been improved. 


On the grassland, cattle and sheep are prosperous, and animal husbandry within the farming area is developing at a high speed. High-tech breeding technologies are commonly employed, and the excellent breeds are increasing in size. The traditional nomadic production method decided by water and grass is now experiencing substantial changes.

The most important is You will have to apply the special Xinjiang Travel Permit to Bayinbuluk, and we are the few travel service in Xinjiang has the license to prepare the permits for you. We will need your passport copies and final travel itinerary to make the application. 

Welcome to Xinjiang, experience the change of times.

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