Winter Trip in Kanas

Xinjiang is a place with four distinct seasons.And my dear friend,you may visit Kanas in Spring,to see a kinds of flowers and trees.You may visit Kanas in Summer,to feel the unforgetable landscape of mother nature.You may visit Kanas in Autumn,to try local sweet fruits in Hemu village.But have you ever visit Kanas in Winter?

winter of kanas.jpeg

The Winter is coming.In contract to the Game of Thrones,the Winter in Kanas could bring you silence and comfort.You will see a masterpiece of mother nature.

winter views of kanas.jpeg

Although,the winter in Kanas is cold.Once you travel there, you will be shocked by the magnificent views in Kanas.Unlike other seasons,you won't feel alive in winter Kanas.Instead,you will enter into a frozen world with all things covered by snow.As if time stands sitll.

winter of kanas lake.jpeg

The clear lake in the past is covered with snow and ice.When you see sleds and ORV driving on the lake,even running horses, you will feel the incredible creativity of nature.

winter of hemu.jpeg

When you go to Hemu Village,you will be satisfy and warm.The resident in Hemu will treat you more fervidly than any other seasons.Their hospitalities will make you feel like home.

kanas-tour.jpg9 Days XInjiang Impressive Tour