A Winter Paradise,Heavenly Lake

Heaven Lake is located on the hillside of the Pogda Mountain which is surrounded by snow mountains,blooming flowers and green trees.Heavenly lake is 80kms away from Urumqi and it only takes a 2-hour drive to the lake.However winter scenery will bring you a different feeling from any other season.

 winter-of-heavenly-lake.jpg winter-heavenly-lake.jpeg

Once you walking on the wooden road,you would take a deep breathe to feel the natural oxygen bar.You will an impulsion to embrace the beauty of mother nature.

 wooden-road-heavenly-lake.jpeg heavenly-lake.jpeg

When you stroll near the lake,you would hear the water is whispering.It seems that they want you to feel the silences on the lake.Moreover,you will see the beautiful ice everywhere.If the lake is not frozen,you can take the boat to see the magnificent scenery on the lake.


Besides,if you want to ski or do more winter sports,you can straight go to the ski resort of heavenly lake.I am sure that you will have fun there.In a word,the winter of heavenly lake gonna give you a memorable experience in Xinjiang.


天池.jpgUrumqi and Heavenly Lake Tour