The Modern Dream of Bazaar

It's "bazaar”not "Balzac". Xinjiang's "Bazha”refers to bazaar market.

However, in Xinjiang, a bazaar is more than just a place to buy things. It offers locals a place to enjoy the flavour of a festival, to have a rest and to meet with friends. People barter goods, exchange information, and even gossip at the bazaar market.


Walking in any town in southern Xinjiang, one can find a busy bazaar market.

The one in Kashi is the biggest and thus the most famous. Each time, there are over 70,000 people going the market.

In bazaars, one can have roasted meat, cool noodles, sweet yoghurt or home-made ice cream, smoke Mohe cigarettes, gossip, joke with old acquaintances; all these factors constitute a picture of the ethnic group.


And in the Second Bridge street of the capital, Urumqi, there is the world’s biggest bazaar with special national style, never failing to attract millions of businessmen and travelers every day. It’s like a library and an episode, wonderfully expressing the advantage and potential of Xinjiang’s international trade.

To Xinjiang, experience special national style.


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