Naraty Grassland,A Pure Land In Winter

What souvenir would you bring home while you travel someplace? I would suggest you to have a winter trip at Naraty Grassland. Have you ever experienced that sunshine shines on your body when you walking on the grassland with the cold wind. The sunshine could straight warm your heart and never forget the scenery at the moment.Winter in Naraty  could escape you from busy life in city.When you see the snow falling from the sky,you will find your peace. When you see grasses and trees covered by snow,the whole world is white, you will find your comfort and silence.

naraty-grassland.jpg winter-of-naraty.jpg

In the winter of Naraty, you would never feel boring. Except kind hospitality of local people. You could also have a chance to watch the horse racing and sheep snatching game. Besides,if you like skiing,the international ski resort would be the best choice.

horse-racing.jpg ski-at-naraty.jpg

Once you have a winter trip at naraty,you would love Xinjiang.

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