Introduction of Kanas Lake Fish Watching Pavilion

Kanas Lake Fish Watching Pavilion was built on the top of Harakat (In Mongolian means Camel Peak) at an altitude of 2030 meters. It is more than 600 meters away from the lake. Because it is in the best position to observe the "lake monster", it is named Fish Watching Pavilion.

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There are two ways to reach the fishing pavilion: one is to take a bus at the back of the mountain to the mountainside; the other is to climb up the mountain on foot via the stone steps built for climbers at the lake outlet. The "fish watching Pavilion" on the west side of the lake can view the overall beauty of Kanas lake. One of them can have a bird's eye view of Kanas lake, and 3/4 of the lake has a panoramic view.

The lake surface was smooth and calm like silk and satin, or like a patchy emerald inlaid between the valleys, meandering downstream into the valley, shining with waves and fairy tale colors. Along the river, we can see the river meanders such as Shenxian Bay and Wolong Bay dimly. The color of grass, wood and water changes constantly under the backlight, full of vividness and spirituality, reflecting the delicate and elegant beauty of the Southern Country. The water of Kanas Lake, winding southward and northward, is blocked by mountains. The highest peak of Mount Altai, Friendship Peak (4374 meters), is clearly visible among the mountains. The magnificent world of ice and snow on the top of the mountain looks like a piece of bright white jade, standing on the top of the mountains. The "U" valley, ancient ice buckets, moraine ridges and other ancient glacial land-forms are distributed in the mountains and valleys on both sides of Kanas Lake, which proves that the lake area had many glacial activities.

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