The Sulitan Saduk Bogla Khan Mazar

The Sulitan Saduk Bogla Khan Mazar Located 2 kilometers to the southeast of Artux, the Sulitan Saduk Bogla Khan Mazar is the oldest Islamic Mazar in Xinjiang at persent. It was first built in 956, rebuilt at the original location in 1950, and refitted in a big way during 1995-1998. It is the mausoleum of Sulitan Saduk Bogla Khan, the first Khan of the Karakhanid Dynasty who received Islamism. The Mazar consists of a gateway, walls court and tomb house. The tomb house is built with bricks and wooden materials, square in shape with a fully hipped roof. The Mazar faces east, and vaulted windows are opened in the rest three directions respectively. The walls were built in various patterns with bricks. Now it is listed as a major cultural site protected by the autonomous region.

The Ruined Capital of Karakhanid Dynasty Located in Kumasak Village, Azak Township, about 10 kilometers from Artux City. It is the capital of the Karakhanid Dynasty, a local regime in the western part of our country during the 10th -15th centuries.