The Ruined City of Ak-Koqikrak

The Ruined City of Ak-Koqikrak Located in desert about 20 kilometers to the southwest of Endere Grazing Land seat, Minfeng County, the city is oblong in shape, about 200 meters in diameter. Its city walls rise to a height of 3-4 meters. There is a city gate on the southeast. The houses inside the city are mostly full of sands or covered by sands, only about 650 rooms can be clearly made out. All the houses are well preserved and arranged along tile round city wall. The streets and lanes are easy to trace. There have ever excavated woolen fabrics, woodenwares, iron implements, and bronze wares, etc. According to researches, this city is possibly the site of subordinate town of the Pisha Superintendent Office of the Tang Dynasty.