Ruined City of Ak-sipil

Ruined City of Ak-sipil Localed 40 kilometers to the northwest of the Lop County, the city is approximately round in plane. Now only the northern wall is preserved, which, built with sun-dried bricks, is about 105 meters long, still rises to a height of about 5 mete, with a thickness of 25 meters at lower part. The eastern section of it appears to have a buttress. There have ever been found Sino-Kharosthi coins, Wu-chu coins, coins of the Tang-Song and Karakhanid Dynasties, pottery horses, monkeys and elephants, celadon jars with four loop handles, glass wares, a bronze statue, a carved bone lion, and some bronze ornaments. The date of the ruins is between the Han and Song Dynasties. Now it is a major cultural site protected by the Autonmoous Region.