Old Domoko Site

Old Domoko Site Located in desert about 19 kilometers to the north of Domoko Township, China County. Taking the old Domoko as its center, in an area of 30 kilometers long from south to north and 10 kilometers wide from cast to west there stands the Ancient City of Karaqin, two Stup as on due east, and several Mazars in the northeast and northwest. Now houses, paths, streets, and so on, still can be traced. There have ever excavated Wuchu coins of the Han Dynasty, Kucha small copper coins, Karakhanid coins, Khotanese documents, pottery, and pottery sculptures, etc. The site may be that of the Yumi City of the Han Dynasly, Kan City of the Tang Dynasty, and the Pein City of the Yuan Dynasty. Now it is a major cultural site protected by the autonomous region.