Ancient City of Yuansha

Ancient City of Yuansha Situated about 41 kilometers to the northwest of Daheyan Township, Yutian County, the Yuansha Ruins has its city walls 995 meters in Perimeter, and part of the walls are built with slope protecting on outer face. In the southern and eastern walls there opened a city gate respectively. There have ever excavated. jars with a spout, bowls, Yu (for holding water or food), stone implements, small bronze wares, ironwares, wheat, millet, and glass beads here. There have also found four cemeteries and some irrigation canals around the city. The city of Yuansha which is earlier than the Western Han Dyasty, considerably large in scale and realtively primitive in feature, is an important archaeological find in the Keriya River valley and in Khotan area. Now it is listed as a major cultural site under the autonomous region protection.