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Anjihai Grand Canyon

Anjihai Grand Canyon also known as Red Mountain Grand Canyon, it is located on the Northern slope of Tianshan Mountain like a colourful ribbon. It is an impressive natural wonder comprised of cliffs, jagged rocks, and vibrantly coloured stones.

However, because of the complex terrain of the canyon, few geologists, photographers and outdoor enthusiasts have ventured this incredible landscape in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

What to visit in Anjihai Grand Canyon?

The reddish cliffs resemble thousands of sharp swords pointing to the sky. Only bushes survive on the waste precipice, adding a dash of green colour to the ravine. The blue or pale yellow river running through the valley is the vein of this land, creating an undulating landform. Years of erosion have made the hills around the Anjihai Grand Canyon look like undulating plains.

Originating from the Tianshan Mountains, the Anjihai River is one of the four major river systems in Shawan, the upper reaches of Anjihai River is Bajian stream. The river rushes out of the Tianshan canyon and creates a large red alluvial fan, a fan-shaped accumulation of deposit and sediment.

At the bottom of the valley, the Anjihai River quietly flows between the almost-vertical cliff walls, leaving shiny marks on the banks, in stark contrast to its powerful strength that had originally brought this canyon to life.

When is the best time to visit Anjihai Grand Canyon?

All seasons are suitable to visit, among them, the Anjihai Grand Canyon has different scenery all year round. continue to visit, you will be addicted to this picturesque scenery, which is quite worth to visit.